GIA Body Activating Cream
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This product uses the most advanced cryogenic modulation method that completely preserves the 
effects found in the cream's various natural plant oils, essential oils and precious raw materials.  
Nourishes the skin, removes fatigue, increases energy, stimulates anti-aging and repair of bones, 
skin and muscle tissues. Alleviates and calms symptoms of menopause, strengthens the body, lifts 
the spirit and maintains metabolic rate.  The cream can endure long periods of massage without 
turning grainy, and does not dirty clothing or mattresses. Extremely malleable, hydrating, lightweight 
and breathable.      


《Taurine, Leucine》Eliminates fatigue, increases energy, stimulates anti-aging and repair of bones, skin, muscles and 
    other tissues, strengthens the body, lifts the spirits and maintains the body's metabolic rate.
《Yam and Mirifica Extract》Provides natural plant isoflavones estrogen, stimulates synthesis of fibroblast to form 
    collagen as well as repair and maintain symptoms of menopause such as osteoporosis, skin elasticity, muscle firmness 
    and etc. Also fights aging of body tissues.
    《Advanced Microwave-Extraction of Precious Plant Essential oils Including Borage oil, Evening 
   Primrose oil, Rosehip oil, Avocado oil, Jojoba oil, Safflower oil, Walnut oil, Wheat Germ oil》
   Beneficial in the long-term improvement and repair of sun burns, pigmentation, dryness, aging or wrinkly skin as it stimulates 
    circulation of regional muscles.
    《Compound Blend Essential oils Containing Natural Lavender Essential oil, Lemon Essential oil, 
   Frankincense Essential oil, Eucalyptus Essential oil, Rosemary Essential oil, Ginger Essential 
   oil, Mint Essential oil, Clary Sage and other essential oils》Calms, relaxes, reduces stress and strengthens 
《Dipeptide Active Ingredient》Through the relaying of information via neurotransmitters, experience a pleasurable 
    sensation as tense muscles are relaxed and nerves are soothed.
《Rose Hydrosol, Shea Butter》Has soothing, calming, converging, hydrating, prevention of blood congestion effects 
    on cracked or sensitive skin, or skin that has had long exposure to sunlight. Also decreases formation of blackheads and acne. 
    《Glycerol, Butanediol》Hydrates the skin and cream, enhances hydration, moisturization and lubrication of other 


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