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This product contains multiple herbal essences without added chemical fragrances, alcohol or preservatives. It is a gentle treatment suitable for all skin types.

《Witch hazel hydrosol》Soothes inflammation and itchiness, helps wounds to heal and calms irritation. 
    Witch hazel essence is extracted from leaves and flower petals. It has been known to be effective as a 
    topical remedy used to soothe redness, itchiness and other symptoms; it is also an excellent anti-oxidant.
《Chamomile hydrosol》Is effective in calming irritation and itchiness, soothing allergic reactions and 
    minimizing after-wash skin discomfort; it is also a good antiseptic.
《Geranium hydrosol》Moisturizes, tones, cools, soothes and calms.
《Rock rose hydrosol》Is a good blending agent for other ingredients. It is effective in toning skin, 
    promoting healing and reducing wrinkles.
《Rosa centifolia flower extract》Softens skin, moisturizes and prevents wrinkle formation. It is 
    especially effective in toning aged and dry skin, activating skin metabolism and easing emotional 
《Aloe》Soothes skin discomfort and allergic reactions, suppresses bacterial growth and inflammation, 
    promotes skin and tissue healing and minimizes after-wash skin discomfort.
《Licorice extract》Soothes inflammation, whitens skin, calms irritated skin and minimizes after-wash 
    skin discomfort.
《Hyaluronic acid/anions platinum/seamollient》Provide moisturization to the skin, cuticles and 
    dermis to soften and nourish.
《Salix alba bark/Cadriospermum halicacabum/Echium plautagineum/Helianthus annuus extract》
    Supply multiple nutrients and instantly soothe irritation caused by dry skin.
《Radish root fermented filtrate》Extract is derived from the lactobacillus contained in pickled 
    cabbage. It is effective in tightening and moisturizing skin and minimizing skin irritation. It is also a 
    natural antiseptic and can be used to completely replace chemical preservatives.


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