The Legend of the Electric-Techno Neon Gods
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The goddess was very different from other babies when she was born. She didn't cry or scream 
and was therefore given the name “Silent Girl”. She possessed special divine powers and was 
full of wisdom and kindness since birth. She was fond of helping others and showed concern for 
 the hardships of the fishermen, exhibiting great compassion in the process.

When she was 12, she accompanied her parents to a temple to offer incense to the gods. On this 
occasion, she received guidance from Guanyin Bodhisattva and became the pupil of a wise and 
enlightened master who taught her how to perform magic rituals. However, due to the fact that 
she was scared of fire, she stayed away from fire rituals. She therefore wasn't able to completely 
master the Samadi fire ritual, which is one of the four main ceremonial practices (wind, fire, 
thunder, electricity). This would open the door to the danger of demon attacks in the future. In the 
process of her studies in the mountains, Mazu was once attacked by the two guardian generals
 “Clairvoyance” and “Clairaudience” but managed to subdue them and turned them into protector 

To help her father and other fishing boats trapped at sea identify the right direction, she sacrificed 
her own body, subdued monsters, guided fishing boats on their way back and ended up saving 
many fishermen as well as her own father.

One day, she climbed a mountain peak and was getting ready to ascend into heaven. At this 
moment, the sea monsters generated a huge tidal wave to harass humanity. Mazu used all the 
magic powers at her disposal to subdue the forces of nature unleashed by the evil creatures. 

Guanyin Bodhisattva brought about the transcendence of her spirit and helped her turn into an 
immortal being, the Guardian of the Ocean Mazu.

Mazu embraced a spirit of compassion, filial piety, altruistic dedication to serving mankind, and 
self-sacrifice. She is widely revered, loved, and respected. In folk tradition, Mazu is often divided 
into three goddesses: Da Ma with a pink facial complexion, Er Ma with a golden face, and San 
Ma with a black complexion. Worshippers usually display great sincerity when they pray for 
Mazu's protection. 



Feng Shui  is  a  combination  of  art  and  science.  The  goal  of Feng Shui in 
people's  homes is to add an element of  interaction between the environment 
and the  furnishings and  decorations in the home in order to change the aura 
and fortune of individuals and the whole family.

Every individual is longing for a way to ensure career success, an inexhaustible 
source of wealth, and happiness for the whole family. In modern society, it is 
therefore very common for people to place auspicious objects in their homes 
in the hope of generating spiritual power, changing the aura of their homes, and 
improving their fortunes and domestic environments. 

Our  aromatic  hydrogel  accessories  not  only  follow  the  design  patterns  and
prescribed  by  folk  tradition , but  the hydrogel  also  emits  a  small  amount  of 
aromatic ions  which  freshen the  air  with  a  natural  fragrance  and  purify  the 
home environment. These products improve the aura of our homes and generate 
positive vibes and energy. This positive spiritual energy is conducive to career 
success, prosperity, and a happy and blissful family life.


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