Lucky, hard ship, inbound series
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Wooden frame + base 33 (long) x 22 (wide) x 34.5 (high)
Big ship doll: 14 (long) x 21 (wide) x 18 (high)


In ancient folklore, it is believed that successful candidates in the imperial examination system 
have to rely on writing brushes supplied by the Daoist God Kui Xing to pass the exams and 
achieve great wealth. Every scholar therefore worships Kui Xing, the god of examinations. The 
posture of the God's statue (the god is usually depicted as pointing to the big dipper) symbolizes 
the ability of the God to point us in the right direction and show us the right path, just like a 
lighthouse shows the way for a fisherman in the ocean. He holds an ink stone in one hand and 
kicks a ladle with one foot to bestow treasures helping us to become rich rapidly. His other foot 
rests on a dragon ship which represents the idea of “the ship entering the harbor” in Chinese folk 
tradition, which in turn symbolizes an excellent harvest or the amassing of a great fortune.


Lyrics of the “Ship entering the harbor”:
The sun is floating over the mountain. The ocean surface gradually turns red 
The sight of the ocean makes my future seem bleak. I have to wait several years
Until my wish is fulfilled and the ship with full cargo enters the harbor aided by a tailwind  
All troubles, sorrow, and pain will be forgotten and my mind will be relaxed and at ease 
Big ship come greet and welcome me when you enter the harbor! 


This is a melancholic Taiwanese song. Through the depiction of the arduous mental journey on 
the ocean, the songwriter tries to encourage people to take the initiative and continue to move 
forward in a brave manner while doing their business just as if they were embarking on an ocean 
voyage. This journey will end with great pleasure when the ship with full cargo enters the harbor and a rich harvest has been reaped.


The special meaning of the ship entering the harbor: The hull of the ship is immersed in the lively 
ocean waves which symbolizes the generation of wealth by the water. The hoisted sails represent 
a smooth voyage and a bright future. The auspicious characters “Attract prosperity and wealth
” and “The ships enters the harbor” are written on the front and back of the ship which signifies 
great wealth and prosperity. The ship is also loaded with gold, silver, treasure, and jewelry which 
represents great business results, a great harvest, a full cargo, and the presence of wealth in 
people's homes and treasuries.

When placing the ship it is very important which direction it is facing:
1. The bow of the ship should be pointing inside.
2. If the bow points to the left or right of the room (in a Western, Southwestern, or Northwestern 
    direction), the family will gain the greatest benefit in the next ten years.



Feng Shui  is  a  combination  of  art  and  science.  The  goal  of Feng Shui in 
people's  homes is to add an element of  interaction between the environment 
and the  furnishings and  decorations in the home in order to change the aura 
and fortune of individuals and the whole family.

Every individual is longing for a way to ensure career success, an inexhaustible 
source of wealth, and happiness for the whole family. In modern society, it is 
therefore very common for people to place auspicious objects in their homes 
in the hope of generating spiritual power, changing the aura of their homes, and 
improving their fortunes and domestic environments. 

Our  aromatic  hydrogel  accessories  not  only  follow  the  design  patterns  and
prescribed  by  folk  tradition , but  the hydrogel  also  emits  a  small  amount  of 
aromatic ions  which  freshen the  air  with  a  natural  fragrance  and  purify  the 
home environment. These products improve the aura of our homes and generate 
positive vibes and energy. This positive spiritual energy is conducive to career 
success, prosperity, and a happy and blissful family life.


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