HT326L series Low Frequency Stimulator
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Product Introduction


Features & Functions :

  • Effective in helping to manage particular pain problems.
  • Use to assist treatment of headache, toothache, back pain, tennis elbow, sport strains and muscle injuries.
  • Relieving soreness in the applied area.
  • Helps to strengthen and tone muscles.
  • When the unit starts operation or the program has been changed. The intensity level ("density") will return to "0" .
  • When the unit starts operation, the intensity ("density") output has been designed with a gradual 3 seconds raise ramp.
  • When timer has reached 0 min. Unit will auto-shut down. The unit can remember last setting.
  • If intensity levels ("density") are at "0" and unit is not being used, it will automatically shut down after 3 mins.
  • P1~P9 timer is programmed 30 mins with backward count down.
  • Screen will exchange display timer/mode/on time/rate/off time/density ("density"=intensity) every 3 secs.
  • The unit is designed with a buzzer to assist operation.

Specifications :

Dimension 150 x 60 x 21 (mm)
Channel two independent channels
Power supply 1.5V (size AA) battery x 3 pcs
Output 0~100mA P to P into 500Ω load
Density(Intensity) change of 15 steps pulse amplitude
Timer 30 or 01~99 minutes backward count
Wave form dual phases square wave
Display timer/mode/on time/rate/off time/density ("density"= intensity)
Mode P1~P5 TENS massager,P6~P9 fitness EMS
the final P0 fully adjustable program
timer:1~99 minutes
Contraction(on time):1sec.~30sec.
Relaxation (off time): 0sec.~30sec.
Ramp up 3 seconds
Buzzer 3 different reminders
1.Correct single beep 
2.Pay attention triple beep
3.Mistake continue beep
Output load detect alarm in operation without connect lead wire
Pulse wave form low frequency stimulator


Standard Accessories :

Electrical Stimulator 1
Stimulator Lead Wire 2
Self Adhering Electrode 4
Operating Manual 1
1.5V(SUM#3) Battery 3
Reusable Package Box 1





TENS electrode application areas :


Indicator and Controls: :



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