HT801 Professional Series
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Features :

  • A light-weight, pocket-size unit, convenient for use anywhere.
  • LCD screen to display data / time / recorded value.
  • Able to memorize two user's test results.
  • With a choice of 4 alarm settings to remind user of daily routines.
  • It can pre-memorize two patient's basic ID data, easy to distinguish the test results.
  • Features to check all the patient's saved data.
  • Can save 3000 test results, data and time. Also 4 different sickness tests.
  • The " Traffic Lights" system with red, yellow and green, 3 colors, LED. Showing 3 levels of sickness.
  • Multi-point linear progression for more accurate measurements.
  • Two way sensor, more convenient for user to test with.
  • With removeable sensor, so can be washed without the unit coming in touch with water.
  • The unit can connect to PC and transfer all the saved data with RS232 interface connector.
  • Includes software for windows 98, 2000 and XP.
  • Data can be transferred from unit to computer and results shown in an easy to read graph.
  • The computer will auto separate each patients data by reading the user's ID from the unit.

Specifications :

Dimension 120 x 50 x30 (mm)
Power supply 1.5V sum-3AAA battery x 3 pcs
LCD display size data results 40 x 20 (mm)
Batt. sav. mode 30 seconds auto shut down
Remind alarms 4 different times to remind user
Memory save 3000 test results
Software suitable for Windows 98, 2000, XP

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