HT905 series Ultrasound and Muscle Stimulator

Home Care's device can be used for both beauty and medical care using a single 1MHz probe. Unlike other devices(1MHz and3MHz or other frequency), this special probe kit design can allow the sonic waves to easily pass through the stainless steel head which makes it easy to accurately adjust their strength. Thus, they can penetrate into either superficial or medium depth tissue.

No. 1080910004
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Features :

  • Stainless steel probe head
  • Three levels of power
  • Three timer levels
  • Choose a continuous or an on/off pulse carrier output
  • Three programs pulse ratio

Specifications :

Input Power 110V or 230V AC/24V DC adaptor
Frequency 1M Hz (±5%)
Mode 3 levels("L" low / "M" medium / "H" high)
Output power 2.5W±20% (max.)
Intensity 0.5W/cm2 ±20% (max.)
Timer 5,10 or 15 minutes, three timer setting, default levels 5 minutes
Pulse 60Hz continuous or  intermittent on time 0.5 seconds & off time 0.5 seconds
Pulse ratio "L"12.5%, "M"33%, "H"50%

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