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The Fortune Cat originated in Japan and has also become very popular in Taiwan. There 
are many different folk legends about this popular figure, which are all tied to mankind's 
eternal craving for wealth and happiness.


The Legend of the Fortune Cat:

The story goes that during the Edo Period in Japan, there was a very famous family called 
Echigoya which had been running a cloth dyeing business for generations. The young 
master of the Echigoya Family ruined the family business through his indulgence in 
pleasure and amusement. The young master was fond of gambling and playing with his 
cat. One day, the young master hugged his little cat and said laughingly: “Little Jade, 
bring me some gold coins!”. The next day, the cat which had gotten visibly skinnier came 
back with a gold coin in its mouth. The young master ended up losing the coin in another 
gambling spree. From that day on, the young master constantly asked the cat to bring 
coins so he could go gambling. The little cat, on the other hand, became more and more 
emaciated. One day, the young master followed the little cat at a distance until the cat 
arrived at a little temple in a forest. He noticed that the cat lifted both paws in a praying 
pose and uttered the following words: “ Take away some meat from my arms and legs 
and give me some gold coins. Take away some of my stomach and fur and give me some 
gold coins.” While the cat was reciting this prayer, it became skinnier and skinnier and 
tinier and tinier. Finally, the cat disappeared and only left three gold coins on the ground.


The young master held his head and cried out loud. From then on, the young master turned 
over a new leaf and worked very hard every day. After a period of time, the family slowly 
became prosperous again due to the Fortune Cat. 


The Moral of the Story of the Fortune Cat:
This touching story has a beautiful hidden meaning which adds another layer of mystery 
to this honest and cute Fortune Cat. No matter whether or not the cat with spiritual 
powers in the story could actually bring happiness and fortune to its master who is 
deeply fond of it, its honest and cute appearance causes people to be fond of and 
fascinated by it. 

As a matter of fact, if we harbor feelings of gratitude and treasure everything we own 
and always embrace an active and energetic spirit regarding the future, we will always 
possess happiness, wealth, and good fortune. We are convinced that this is the message 
that the Fortune Cat tries to convey to us. 


The left and right paw of The Fortune Cat have different meanings:
Fortune Cats have been popular in Taiwan for quite some time. The orthodox Japanese 
Fortune Cat comes in two versions: Male and female. The male cat raises its right paw 
and thereby attracts wealth and good fortune. The female cat, on the other hand, raises 
its left paw which brings happiness, good karma, and attracts crowds of people. Shops in 
Japan usually display female cats since the Japanese believe that the presence of crowds 
of people generates business and income. 
The golden bell hanging in front of the cat's chest also symbolizes good luck, wealth, 
happiness, and good karma. 

The Fortune Cat comes in different colors which also represent special meanings :
Gold represents.............................Wealth and prosperity
Blue represents..............................Successful and prosperous business
White represents...........................Good luck and harmony
Black represents............................Prevention of evil and calamities and peace and safety
Red represents...............................Protection from diseases and evil spirits and good health
Yellow represents..........................Forming of marital ties
Pink represents..............................Good luck in love
Green represents...........................Happiness and stability
Purple represents..........................Health and beauty




Feng Shui  is  a  combination  of  art  and  science.  The  goal  of Feng Shui in 
people's  homes is to add an element of  interaction between the environment 
and the  furnishings and  decorations in the home in order to change the aura 
and fortune of individuals and the whole family.

Every individual is longing for a way to ensure career success, an inexhaustible 
source of wealth, and happiness for the whole family. In modern society, it is 
therefore very common for people to place auspicious objects in their homes 
in the hope of generating spiritual power, changing the aura of their homes, and 
improving their fortunes and domestic environments. 

Our  aromatic  hydrogel  accessories  not  only  follow  the  design  patterns  and
prescribed  by  folk  tradition , but  the hydrogel  also  emits  a  small  amount  of 
aromatic ions  which  freshen the  air  with  a  natural  fragrance  and  purify  the 
home environment. These products improve the aura of our homes and generate 
positive vibes and energy. This positive spiritual energy is conducive to career 
success, prosperity, and a happy and blissful family life.


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