Fortune Toad
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Fortune Toad:

The story goes that the three-legged toad used to be an evil monster with great supernatural 
powers and a great love for gold, silver, treasures, and jewelry. It also caused great harm to 
humans. Later it was subdued by a Taoist priest named Liu Hai (Chan Master Liu Fu-Hai). 
In its present reincarnation it has already been transformed into a child-like appearance and 
has changed its evil ways by making donations to help the poor. It is in the three-legged toad's 
nature to love gold, silver, treasures, and jewelry, and it is very sensitive and knowledgeable 
about money and riches and has a knack for detecting sources of wealth. Chan Master Liu 
Hai also enjoyed giving alms to aid the poor in his lifetime and was able to provide relief to 
uncountable poor people with the assistance of the three-legged toad. Since that time, the 
three-legged toad has been known as a god-like creature that is able to attract wealth and

Since ancient times, peonies have been known as the queen among the flowers with an outstanding 
beauty and a divine fragrance. Their beauty surpasses that of other flowers and they have always 
been regarded as an auspicious symbol of wealth, prosperity, and happiness. The peony is also 
known as the flower of wealth. As far as the Feng Shui in people's homes is concerned, peonies can 
bestow the female owner with grace, charm, and beauty. They also contribute to a harmonious 
relationship between husband and wife and a happy and blissful family life. 

The Fortune toad has the following characteristics:
Red eyes, three legs, seven diamond spots on the back symbolizing the Big Dipper; the toad's 
legs rest on ancient coins, gold, silver, and jewelry with an ancient coin in its mouth and a 
blossoming peony in front of its chest; the toad attracts wealth, prevents evil, protects families 
and homes, and brings happiness and bliss to the family. 

The Fortune Toad can be placed next to a cash register, on the counter, or at the entrance or the 
wealth position of the living room. Sales personnel can place it on the office table or next to the 
door. It is an auspicious object for business openings, investments, lotteries, or gambling tables.




Feng Shui  is  a  combination  of  art  and  science.  The  goal  of Feng Shui in 
people's  homes is to add an element of  interaction between the environment 
and the  furnishings and  decorations in the home in order to change the aura 
and fortune of individuals and the whole family.

Every individual is longing for a way to ensure career success, an inexhaustible 
source of wealth, and happiness for the whole family. In modern society, it is 
therefore very common for people to place auspicious objects in their homes 
in the hope of generating spiritual power, changing the aura of their homes, and 
improving their fortunes and domestic environments. 

Our  aromatic  hydrogel  accessories  not  only  follow  the  design  patterns  and
prescribed  by  folk  tradition , but  the hydrogel  also  emits  a  small  amount  of 
aromatic ions  which  freshen the  air  with  a  natural  fragrance  and  purify  the 
home environment. These products improve the aura of our homes and generate 
positive vibes and energy. This positive spiritual energy is conducive to career 
success, prosperity, and a happy and blissful family life.





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