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The story of Home Care Technology Limited Company.

Founded on compassion and benevolence,now stepping onto the world stage

With a background in medical engineering, Home Care Technology President Jinshen Liang founded Kowermed Limited Company in Taipei in 1986. Medical equipment was then mainly imported, and thus too expensive. Out of his concern for the well-being of the Taiwanese people, Mr. Liang hoped to make it more affordable.

Made in Taiwan —  the guarantee of quality

Though just having recently graduated from university, Mr. Liang took out a loan of NT$350,000 and dove into the research of medical equipment products. Initial products included conductive gel and electrode pads.

Today, “Made in Taiwan” is usually regarded as a guarantee of quality. However, 30 years ago, most major medical institutions only trusted the quality of imports. In the beginning, Mr. Liang faced many financial and operational difficulties. However, through his determination, he gradually won over the trust of many hospitals and clinics, and successfully built a solid foundation in the Taiwanese market.

Hydrogel Process
Hydrogel applications
Electrotherapy patch production

Research and Development of Medical Equipment.

After gaining a foothold in the Taiwanese market, Mr. Liang moved into the research and development of medical equipment.

Home Care Technology Limited Company was founded in 1993 with production facilities in Yongkang, Tainan. Home Care's featured products, the TENS unit and medical wires were successfully launched onto the market soon afterwards. Home Care Technology moved its production facilities to Rende, Tainan in 1998 and successfully obtained GMP certification in 2001. After many years of hard work, Home Care Technology Limited Company has now expanded onto the global market.

Better Healthcare for Everyone

Home Care Biomedical Limited Company was founded in 2008 to bridge Home Care's market segment from being a provider of medical equipment to becoming a producer of biomedical products. The founding in 2014 of Home Tech Hydrogel Tourism Factory epitomizes the realization of Mr. Liang's dream, with the Hydro-gel Aromatic Dolls as the latest featured product.

Seeing the improvements in health, comfort, and lifestyle brought about by Home Care's products gives us the best reason to continue striving for better health care for people everywhere. This is the ultimate mission of Home Care Technology Limited Company.

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